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15 Things That May Have Caused Super Bowl Power Outage

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Power to half of Mercedes-Benz Superdome, including the scoreboard, went dark with 13:22 left in the third quarter of the Super Bowl.

Gameplay resumed at 9:10 p.m. ET after nearly 35 minutes of head scratching. During the outage, Twitter lit up with speculation as to what caused the outage.

Is this the part where Bane comes out?— Joe Fernandez (@JoeFernandez) February 4, 2013

Beyonce used up all the power with this: #SB47— NowThis News (@nowthisnews) February 4, 2013

Who backed up against the light switch?— Bill Maher (@billmaher) February 4, 2013

Sending some LEDs to the @mbusa Superdome right now…— Audi (@Audi) February 4, 2013
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Homeless People Anchor the Weather in Striking Awareness Campaign

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It’s been a very cold winter — especially for the homeless.

In a new campaign called “Days of Hope,” people who are homeless stand in place of TV weathermen to bring awareness to the harsh impact of the cold winter in Europe, _Osocio_ reports. Real men and women are invited from the streets to read the weather. When they’re done presenting, they can ask the audience to make donations to local charities.

The above news cast is from Romania, a similar weather program is running in Russia, and more will soon roll out in Germany, Poland and Switzerland.

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Though these stand-in weathermen don’t give particularly exci…
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Japan Planning To Broadcast 4K TV As Soon As 2014

#SuryaRay #Surya 4K TV, the 3840 x 2160 pixel technology that blew everyone away at CES this year, is still a glimmer in most of the world’s collective eye. Japan, however, could get 4K broadcasts via satellite as soon as 2014, thereby pushing the state-of-the-art forward at a speed nearly unprecedented in the TV industry. @suryaray

9 Fresh YouTube Shows You’ll Love

#SuryaRay #Surya 1. Bite Me

Everyone loves zombies, right? _Bite Me_ is a comedy more in line with _Shaun of the Dead_ than _The Walking Dead_. The show features some gaming elements, which makes sense. Machinima, a video entertainment network for gamers that collectively has nearly 4 billion (with a “b”) video views, produces _Bite Me_.

Click here to view this gallery.

YouTube probably isn’t your number-one option when you’re looking for an entertaining series. With the amount of professionally produced content available on Netflix and Hulu+, it doesn’t make sense to pour through YouTube’s seemingly endless archives in search of something resembling a TV show.

And anyway, even if there are great indie shows out there somewhere, YouTube doesn’t offer a really intuitive way to find them. Well, save the hugs for later — we did it for you.

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After much digging (aka, sitting on the couch, watching shows), we’ve produced a list of nine YouTube shows very worth checking out. Most have short, highly enterta…
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Jennifer Lawrence Mocks 9-Year-Old Oscar Competition on ‘SNL’

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In _Silver Linings Playbook_ star Jennifer Lawrence’s opening monologue on _Saturday Night Live_ this weekend, she took material from her infamous _Golden Globes_ moment when she said “I beat Meryl [Streep]” and many onlookers thought she was trash-talking the iconic American actress.

Lawrence explained that she was simply quoting from the movie _The First Wives Club_, and was not in fact defaming Streep.

"I would never trash-talk any of my fellow nominees at the _Golden Globes_, but the _Oscars_ are another story. Ladies, I love you all, but you’re about to get served," Lawrence said in her opening monologue.

Lawrence’s fellow Oscar nominees for Best Actress include the oldest and younges…
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Developers: Microsoft Wants to Put Your App in a TV Ad

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Microsoft unveiled a neat contest for developers, giving them a chance to have their app featured in a Windows Phone television ad.

The contest, which officially started Monday, is called Windows Phone Next App Star, and is open to Windows Phone developers worldwide. Participation is easy: Just have a killer app, and you’ll get a chance to be featured in a primetime TV ad in the U.S.

The top 64 apps will be chosen based on user rating, app quality and successful implementation of new Windows Phone 8 features, such as Live Tiles. The 64 entries will then vie for public votes in a head-to-head competition that whittles down candidates until the best app is chosen.

Microsoft pro…
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Hey Twitter, Time to Solve Your First Ever TV Murder

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Call it “Tweet Your Own Adventure.”

The CBS procedural Hawaii 5-0 is set to make history Monday night — becoming the first TV show to have its ending determined by Twitter. In fact, it will be both the first _and second_ show to try this trick.

The plot revolves around the murder of a teacher at O’ahu State University, for which there are three suspects — his boss, his assistant and a disgruntled student. Unlike with every other cop show in the history of television, the producers have laid out and filmed three possible endings.

The ending shown will be determined entirely by how many votes are received on Twitter for each character. And because the show is on twice — once at 10…
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Samsung’s Giant Ultra HD TV Up for Pre-Order in Korea

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Samsung’s 85-inch Ultra HD TV set, the UHD TV 85S9, is up for pre-order in Korea.

The huge TV, showcased at CES 2013, sports a 4K resolution, built-in 2.2 channels speakers, a quad-core CPU and Samsung’s diamond black panel.

Samsung UHD TV 8559 is priced at 40,000,000 won ($37,872) in Korea, which is quite high compared to some other 4K competitors’ offering, for example Sony's Sony's 84-inch XBR-84X900 which costs $25,000.

Samsung offered no details about the pricing and release date of the UHD TV 8559 in the U.S. or other markets.

_Image credit: Samsung_

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‘Downton Abbey’ Seasons 1 and 2 Explained in 5 Minutes

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If you’re tuning into the U.S. premiere of Downton Abbey’s season 3 on PBS on Jan. 6, watch this video for a quick recap of the drama’s first two seasons.

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Intel’s Cable TV Service And Set Top Box Will Soon Roll Out City By City

#SuryaRay #Surya Intel is preparing to launch its rumored virtual cable TV service and set top box, and has a plan to overcome licensing hurdles. Rather than roll out nationwide, the launch will happen on a city-by-city basis so Intel has more flexibility in negotiating licensing with reluctant content providers, according to a video industry source. The Intel box may also eliminate a core frustration with DVRs… @suryaray

ABC Makes This Season’s Shows Free Online

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ABC is throwing full episodes of this season’s shows, including its Golden Globe-nominated _Nashville_, on a dedicated “Catch Up" website and on its ABC Player mobile app this winter.

Episodes of _Castle_, _Grey’s Anatomy_, _Happy Endings_, _Nashville_ and _Neighbors_ can be watched now through Jan. 5. Episodes of _Once Upon A Time_, _Revenge_ and _Scandal_ are available Dec. 18 until Dec. 31.

While episodes already appear on, ABC Player and Hulu, this holiday Catch Up initiative will make every — not just some — episodes viewable for free.

ABC was among the networks, which have increasingly adopted a digital-first mentality, that debuted this season’s shows online ahead of their TV premier…
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Apple Reportedly Testing TV Set Designs, Which Should Surprise Exactly No One

#SuryaRay #Surya The WSJ reports this morning that Apple is testing out Apple TV set (as opposed to set-top box) designs, though that testing remains “early stage.” Apple is specifically working on high-res TVs according to the reports, trialling a few different designs, working with a variety of suppliers including Hon Hai (Foxconn) and Sharp on the new TV designs. But a TV being tested by Apple shouldn’t shock anyone. @suryaray

Apple Reportedly Testing Early TV Set Designs

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Apple is currently testing several TV set designs, the _Wall Street Journal_ reports, citing unnamed sources from Apple’s supply chain.

The company is reportedly working with China’s Hon Hai (better known as Foxconn) and Japan’s Sharp on the design of the new television.

This doesn’t mean we’ll see an Apple TV set very soon, though, as these prototypes are still far from hitting the market.

"It isn’t a formal project yet. It is still in the early stage of testing," said one source at the Hon Hai Precision Industry.

An Apple-branded TV set has been one of the hottest rumors in Appleville for years now, but this latest report is the best indication yet that Apple is indeed working…
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Verizon Wants to Track Your Movements While You Watch TV

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Think watching television from home is the perfect alone time? Think again. Verizon has filed patents for a TV set-top box equipped with cameras, motion sensors and microphones that would track the movements within a given room –- similar to that of Xbox’s Kinect system.

According to the company’s patent application, the set-top box is a “media content presentation system” that would select advertisements based on “ambient action” in the room. This may mean seeing more commercials for singles getaways when you’re snuggling with a loved one.

Systems like this aren’t new. In 2008, Comcast proposed a similar patent that would monitor what was happening in a room, and highlight spec…
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5 Ways to Watch TV and Movies on Your iPad

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The iPad can perform many wonderful feats. One of our favorites — its ability to stream television shows, movies and even some live broadcasting on a high-res screen. And we don’t even have to tote around a heavy laptop.

ABC was the first major network to allow iPad users to stream full episodes. Ever since, many other networks have jumped on the mobile bandwagon. For the most part, these apps are free of charge. Most importantly, they’re filled with full episodes of the shows you missed or want to watch again.

Sorted by category, here are the best entertainment programming apps to download for your tablet.


If you want to search for a show by channel, chances are th…
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