Box gets more international with Equinix deal

#SuryaRay #Surya Box, which pushes its cloud storage and file sharing to business customers, is getting more global, inking a deal to with Equinix to run on six of that company’s IBX data centers around the world.

Up till now more than half of Box’s claimed 14 million customers were outside the US but all of its data center capacity was here. Now, Box will also run in Equinix IBX data centers in Chicago, Ashburn, Virg., Amsterdam, Sydney, Hong Kong and Tokyo, the company said.

Equinix IBX facilities claim state-of-the-art energy efficiency, HVAC, and fire-suppression systems. and they house multiple carriers, networks and internet service providers (ISPs). That proximity that makes it easy for IBX tenants to work with each other. It also helps that many of the big businesses that Box targets also run in these data centers. In a statement, Stefan Apnitz, Box’s VP of operations pointed out the advantages of that.  ”Having our largest customers just a cross connect away [from us] helps us forge stronger business relationships.”

This news comes two months after the Los Altos, Calif.-based Box launched several international endpoints in Amsterdam, Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sao Paolo to speed up file uploads for customers outside the U.S. It is unclear whether those are also Equinix facilities.

The fallout from Superstorm Sandy illustrates the need for businesses to use multiple data centers across geographies. And, given latency issues, any cloud service provider that wants to serve customers around the world needs to offer access close to those customers. This Equinix deal apparently fulfills both requirements for Box.

_Earth photo courtesy of Flickr user DonkeyHotey_ @suryaray