Let The News Find You: Msgboy Reads the Web For You In Real Time [Invites]

Keeping up with the news is pretty much a full-time job these days. Thankfully, recommendation services like Zite and Flipboard have figured out some ways of keeping their users informed without overloading them with information. Ideally, though, a recommendation service wouldn’t just learn about the articles you read in a certain app and what you or your friends share on Twitter or Facebook, but it would also look at what you read in your browser throughout the day. Msgboy is trying to do just that. It reads what you read as you browse the Internet and automatically subscribes you to the sites you regularly visits. It then ranks new stories based on how interesting they will likely be for you and notifies you whenever it detects a new and potentially interesting story. Msgboy only works in Chrome right now, but will soon support other browsers as well. http://dlvr.it/1XYmLc