Meet Chris Cheng, The Googler Who Moonlights As A Primetime TV Sharpshooter [TCTV]

Sure, everyone knows that many techies love _video games_ that involve shooting. But when you think of real-life expert marksmen, you usually think of people who have served in the military or the police force — or at least, people who live in rural areas with big yards where they can practice shooting on lined up cans of Keystone Light (not that I have any familiarity with that.) San Francisco Bay Area techies don’t usually fit in with any of those sterotypes. That’s why Chris Cheng’s rise has been especially fascinating. Cheng’s day job is as a program and project manager at Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters, but millions of people have come to know him in recent months as a contestant on the fourth season of Top Shot, a reality competition show airing on the History Channel in which 18 contestants battle it out to win the title as the top target shooter.